Video: Entrepreneurship course nurtures future innovators

Did you know that an impressive number of current Oglethorpe students are entrepreneurs? Here are a few:

  • Ryan Maguire ’19 is the founder and sole proprietor of The Tea Cellar that sells fine teas.
  • Jonathan Allen ’19 is the creator and CEO of Gauge, a research platform that lets companies test and obtain feedback on new concepts, go-to-market strategies, and designs.
  • Mon Baroi ’17 is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Tianem, a work ticket management and invoicing application for the construction industry.
  • Madison Blazer ’19 started MousEars Inc., an Etsy shop inspired by her love of Disney.
  • Andrew Mink ’19 and Stuart Spiers ’18 are co-founders of Moonshot Apparel, a clothing company providing performance comfort apparel to athletes.
  • Kevin Kim ’20 launched an on-campus printing business after successfully fixing a broken professional printer.

Still others have the entrepreneurial spirit and drive as well.

A spring 2017 special topics Business Administration course focused on entrepreneurship is helping students to realize those ambitions. Taught by Dr. Jeanette Miller, a successful entrepreneur herself, the class addressed multiple aspects of business—marketing, management and finance—and has helped students learn to critique business ideas and launch new ventures.

View the video to learn more!

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