Politics professor among experts debating “Will Donald Trump Be A Good President?”

Will Donald Trump Be A Good President?” That was the question posed to 33 experts, including Oglethorpe Politics Professor Joe Knippenberg, in a December 15, 2016 article. An excerpt of the article, written by John S. Kiernan, follows.

Every president takes his (or her) own unique path to the White House, but the ascent of President-Elect Donald J. Trump has truly been unlike anything we’ve seen before. Trump has gone from rich kid to real-estate mogul, from bankrupt to “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and from leader of the birther movement to leader of the free world. And with no previous political experience, it’s fair to wonder whether the Oval Office will suit him.

So will President-Elect Donald Trump grab the bull by the “wherever” and fulfill his promise to “make America great again”? Or will we find ourselves worse off and wishing we could say, “You’re fired”? It can be difficult to put politics aside when contemplating such questions, especially so soon after such a contentious election, but our expert panel is up to the task.

In search of more insight into what we can expect from at least the next four years, we asked experts in the fields of economics, finance, public policy and more to answer one simple question: Will Donald Trump be a good president? All in all, twelve experts say no, sixteen vote yes and five are on the fence. You can check out their responses below.

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Dr. Joe Knippenberg

Dr. Joe Knippenberg

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