Oglethorpe ranks among most affordable schools for freshmen with financial need

Oglethorpe University was previously recognized to be among the colleges nationwide with the lowest average student loan debt by LendEDU, a marketplace for student loans and student loan refinance.

FinalLogo-1[1]Now, LendEDU has analyzed the most affordable schools for incoming freshmen with financial need—and Oglethorpe ranks among the most affordable.

Using data licensed from Peterson’s, LendEDU found which schools give the most need-based scholarships and grants to freshmen who were determined to have need, so students can judge whether they are likely to receive this type of aid at a specific school or not.

Data from 2015 from over 1,700 four-year colleges and universities were analyzed in this study, and the top 250 in terms of average dollar amount given were ranked. LendEDU also included what percent of freshmen with need were given a need-based scholarship or grant.

LendEDU ranked Oglethorpe at #165, finding that:

  • 100% of Oglethorpe freshmen who were determined to have financial need received at least one need-based scholarship or grant
  • $27,004 was the average amount of need-based scholarship or grants received by those Oglethorpe freshmen

“Here at LendEDU, our goal is to help students save as money as possible while attending college,” said the rankings report. “One of the ways we do this is by…helping students maximize their chances of winning grants and scholarships!”

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