Cultivating undergraduate research through funding, publishing opportunities

Oglethorpe’s Philip Weltner Library has established a new student research development fund to help students defray the costs related to conducting undergraduate research.

Brad Firchow '19 presents his research at the 2016 Liberal Arts & Sciences Symposium

Brad Firchow ’19 presents his research at the 2016 Liberal Arts & Sciences Symposium

Students may apply for funding to attend conferences, research-related equipment and project expenses, and logistical expenses incurred while researching and studying at other universities. All students are eligible to apply, with the exception of those students already receiving stipends through the Honors Program. The application deadline is November 1, 2016.

Working with Provost Glenn Sharfman, a committee composed of Dr. Karen Schmeichel, Dr. Lisa Hayes, Dr. Lea Alford, Eli Arnold ’06 and Anne Salter will evaluate applications for the research funds.

“The library became aware of the need for undergraduate research funding,” said Anne Salter, university librarian and library director. “Because OU already has an undergraduate journal, funding such research that might be published in the journal—or even general research including attendance at conferences, funding special equipment needs or logistic expenses for attending research driven programs off campus—seemed like a good idea.”

The Oglethorpe Journal of Undergraduate Research is a scholarly journal promoting undergraduate research. It serves as both a digital repository of scholarly output and a platform for publishing inventive and original works. The Journal, published several times each year, welcomes submissions from all disciplines, produced by current members of the Oglethorpe University community.

Oglethorpe students’ undergraduate research has been downloaded more than 25,700 times, in countries all over the world:

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