Public Health Concentration Open to All Majors

Local and global challenges to public health come in many forms: social and economic inequality, changes to the climate and environment, political upheaval, technological obstacles, lack of funding. Many of these problems require holistic, interdisciplinary approaches to overcome them.

Oglethorpe’s Public Health Concentration was developed with this in mind, and to meet the interests and needs of students.Open to students with at least a sophomore standing, the program is designed to complement any major and can take the place of a traditional minor.

16757196374_8b772bd858_oThe concentration is specially designed to draw on Oglethorpe’s trademark blend of intellectually stimulating liberal arts education and real-world focused, experience-based learning. Oglethorpe’s liberal arts approach encourages Public Health students to explore broader perspectives, creative solutions and “big picture thinking”—the ideal foundation for understanding complex challenges to health and wellness, and how to solve them.

The interdisciplinary Public Health Concentration will enable students to:

  • 14684093902_196935e0b2_o-1024x677[1]Study culture, communication, and social and natural sciences in the context of individual and community health.
  • Develop knowledge and awareness of specific topics in public health today.
  • Get to know current public health professionals and learn from their experience.
  • Participate in activities that offer hands-on involvement in real-world challenges.

The concentration requires three two-credit courses: Public Health Perspectives, Public Health Workshop, and Public Health in Practice, plus one 4-5 credit course in each of the three elective categories: STEM, Communication, and Culture.

vaccine-1024x275The Public Health Concentration was designed with the counsel of 32 public health professionals, the majority of whom participated in an on-campus workshop in fall 2015. The advisors pledged support in course development, implementation, and/or sponsorship.

Find out more about the Public Health Concentration and its real-world applications and potential career options.



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