Freshman Theatre Majors Take the Stage

Reefer Madness

Freshmen theatre majors Alex Oakley and Gillian Rabin, both recipients of Oglethorpe’s full tuition theatre scholarships, are already finding their spotlight in Oglethorpe’s fall production.

Reefer Madness, which continues to “light up” the stage at Conant Performing Arts Center through this weekend, is a dark comedy satire musical based on the real life 1930s anti-drug PSA movie, now considered a campy cult favorite.

In Oglethorpe’s production, Alex plays the role of Jesus Christ, who tries to convince the main character to “avoid the reefer and take a hit of God instead.” Jillian plays Mary Lane (read: Mary Jane!), a wholesome all-American girl who is one of the lead characters.

In this initiation into theatre on a college level, Alex and Jillian had the opportunity to work with professional directors and choreographers. Oglethorpe welcomed Freddie Ashley, artistic director at Atlanta theatre company Actor’s Express, to direct Reefer Madness. Ashley has created a professional learning environment during rehearsals, according to Alex, who specifically valued Ashley’s one-on-one rehearsals with principal characters. In only his first semester, Alex says he’s already learned more about focus, flexibility, and professionalism. 

Be sure to check out Reefer Madness this weekend!

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