Oglethorpe University Makes Headlines as President Drives for Uber

Oglethorpe University President Larry SchallCome along for the ride as Oglethorpe University President Larry Schall drives for Uber — and gains insight into a changing economy. (Check back for updates!)


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I run a university. I’m also an Uber driver.

I wanted to understand the sharing economy. Instead, I got schooled in the failures of Atlanta’s public transit system.

University President becomes Uber driver

Oglethorpe College President Lawrence Schall discusses why he became an Uber driver and what the experience has taught him about the sharing economy.

College President Explains Why He Moonlights As Uber Driver

Imagine you’re a student at tiny Oglethorpe University in Atlanta and you’re in need of a lift home because you’re in no shape to drive. So you pull out your smartphone and reques…

For college prez, a crash course in Life 101

The young guy with dreadlocks emerged from the apartment building in Brookhaven dragging a rolling suitcase.

A College President Goes Uber

Back in the early 1970’s, John Coleman was the President of Haverford College, a close neighbor of my alma mater, Swarthmore College. During his vacations, President Coleman often worked as a laborer, short order cook, or dishwasher. My favorite stories were about his service as a garbageman.

What a University President Learned When He Became an Uber Driver

Lawrence Schall is not your typical Uber driver, given that he’s also president of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta. But as Schall explains in the Washington Post , he…

University President’s Summer Job: Driver for Uber

Larry Schall, president of Oglethorpe University, is spending an unusual few weeks for a university president. He’s working as an Uber driver, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. He said he wanted to learn more about how Americans work these days.


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