OU Psychology Students Achieve 100% Acceptance Rate at Professional Conference

Brittany Weiner ’12 (left) celebrates her award-winning research with Ashleigh Brizzle ’10 at last year’s SEPA Conference

Earlier this fall, five Oglethorpe University psychology majors submitted research projects for presentation at the 58th annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) in New Orleans in spring 2012.

All submissions to this professional conference are peer-reviewed by faculty experts in their respective fields.  As is always the case with Oglethorpe psychology majors, they did not self-identify as “students” and submit to an undergraduate student conference.  Instead, they submitted their work alongside that of professors and graduate students to a professional research conference.

All five students recently were informed that their projects were accepted for presentation.  Their accomplishments continue the strong record of performance by OU psychology majors on state, regional, and national levels.

The five students and their respective projects are listed below.

Cassie Hendrix ’12“The Effects of Media Exposure on Infants’ Ability to Learn”

Balbir Khalsa ’12“Detecting Subtle-microexpressions: Can we see them?”

Marie King ’12How People Perceive Profanity Users”

Justin Sabree ’12 – Versatility of psychophysiological paradigms for assessing post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms”

Brittany Weiner ’12 – “Whose Fault is it Anyway? Perfectionists’ Experience of Test Anxiety”

Congratulations and have fun in New Orleans this spring!

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