OU Celebrates Earth Day 2011

Cinsley Gentillon ’11 laughs it up with Petey.

If you’ve Googled anything today, you probably already know that today is Earth Day all over the world.  For more than 40 years, Earth Day has served to promote environmental awareness, education, and moved people  worldwide into action.

At Oglethorpe, dozens of Petrels celebrated Earth Day with a poster session at Goslin Hall, where they checked out what future geologists, scientists, and doctors have been up to this semester.  Petey the green petrel stopped by as well to learn about everything from cellular movement to measuring the heat of chemical reactions. Petey donned his OU Sustainability Initiative t-shirt to promote ecological responsibility.

Seth Aufderheide (center) explains to OU Provost Dr. William Shropshire about using a caliometer to measure the heat of fusion of water.

Zach Vealey ’12 (right) explains the details of his experiment, completed with Aufderheide.

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