Sigma Alpha Epsilon & Chi Omega Take Greek Week

The Greek Week Chariot Race was fast and furious.

Once a year, tradition beckons the Greek community to commence for a series of competitions that ends in glory (for the winners). Last week, the heated endeavor known as Greek Week brought out every sorority and fraternity chapter, each with pride in their organizations and one collective desire: to win.

Last year’s winners, Alpha Sigma Tau and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, emerged to defend their envied title of Greek Week Champions. Sports day kicked off the competition on Monday with ultimate Frisbee and kickball, dominated by Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Chi Omega, who also continued on to win Greek Bowl Trivia, Board Games, and Field Day. Tri Sigma and Chi Phi stepped up their game and swept the skit and singing events.

Members of Chi Omega, Tri Sigma, and Alpha Sigma Tau come together during Greek Week.

Greek Week not only provided an opportunity for some healthy competition, it also was a chance to unite with alumni, in honor of Greek custom. At the end of the week, many Greek alums arrived back on campus for the 2011 Alumni Weekend and joined in the fun. The singing competition was judged by alumni members from all three sororities and attended by many more Greek alumni.  Chi Phi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon both hosted events at their houses, where they were able to mingle with their alumni members.

Dine ‘N’ Dash gets messy.

The points have been tallied — and the overall champions have been announced. Congratulations to Sigma Alpha Epsilon (which successfully defended its title) and Chi Omega for prevailing!

And, for those who faced defeat… there is always the prospect of Greek Week 2012!

The tug-of-war contest could have gone either way.

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