OU Student Receives Honor from Campus Community Partnership Foundation

 Because of Christopher Huff ’12’s Operation Uplift, his community outreach program, Huff was  honored by the Campus Community Partnership Foundation with a CASE Award (Community Academic Service Entrepreneur) for his proposal for Operation Uplift. Christopher then got busy turning those plans into reality.

OU President Larry Schall and Sue Sehgal, Ph.D., founder & president of Campus Community Partnership Foundation, present the Community Academic Service Entrepreneur (CASE) Award to Christopher Huff ’12, a Political Communication and Economic Development major whose winning proposal enables him to implement Operation Uplift.

Huff worked with South Atlanta School of Law and Justice staff to provide resources to the students to enable them to achieve goals in Voluntary Public Service and Expedition/Exploration, two key program areas of Operation Uplift. The CASE Award provides a grant of $2,500: $1,000 to South Atlanta LSJ, $1,000 to Huff’s faculty advisor Dr. Peter Kower, associate professor of economics and $500 directly to Huff.

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