“Willkommen in unserer Bäckerei” (Welcome to OUr Bakery)

Nearly 40 students got a taste of one of Germany’s most famous cultural and culinary offerings—die deutsche Bäckerei (the German bakery). Courtesy of Florian Siedlarek, visiting professor of German, students enjoyed two nights of socializing while baking some of Germany’s signature treats and learning more about the country’s culture.

“I was surprised at how many students were interested in baking,” said Siedlarek, who is visiting Oglethorpe from OU’s and the Halle Foundation’s partner school, Dortmund Technical University. Domestic and international students alike took part in mixing, kneading, and baking traditional German brot (bread) and Gebäck (pastry) from scratch.

The event attracted OU students’ attention, as well as from other Atlanta universities, including one Ph.D. student with an interest in intercultural discourse.  Check out some of the yummy action below:

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