Quadfest Marks End of First Week of Classes

It is nothing short of beautiful to see our campus so vibrant and alive again after the quieter summer, and the quaint academic quadrangle is an ideal setting for gatherings in the OU Community. On a Friday afternoon, it was alive with Quadfest 2010, a fitting way to celebrate a successful first week of classes and a foreshadowing of a wonderful school year in the making.

Quadfest 2010 was put on by the Oglethorpe Student Association’s Programming Board, who knew exactly how to appeal to the student body, with multiple activities and free, catered food. In Campbell Walker ’11’s words: “they had Moe’s Southwestern Grill—that’s huge!”

“I love any activity on the quad because it brings out all of the students and unifies everyone. I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t yet this semester,” praised Tyler Herndon ’13.

A bungee trampoline dominated the quad and I watched the thrilled expressions on students’ faces as their bodies catapulted into the air. “It was magical. I felt like a real petrel flying in the air,” joked Sean Lovett. Another popular activity was riding the classic mechanical bull. Katie Cornelison ’14 laughed, “The bull was hilarious because the people who marched up to it with confidence were thrown off within seconds. It seems that those who really rocked it were surprisingly the shy people.” A few yards away, boys were competing against each other in a moonwalk race.

For the less rambunctious students, there was a craft tent where they could make Pop Art and airbrushed tee-shirts. Kimberly Overmier ’12 said, “I liked that there was a creative activity because it was an accurate representation of the many artistic and crafty people that come to our liberal arts school,” as she proudly held up her colorful airbrushed tee with a pinwheel design.

Quadfest 2010 was yet another successful event rich with camaraderie and school spirit. I felt a surge of affection for my beloved Oglethorpe as I watched the freshmen mingle and build connections that they’ve yet to realize will last them a lifetime.

Photos by Armanda Colson ’11 and
Chloey Mayo ’10.

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