Tag – You’re It! Show Your Petrel Pride on Your Ride!

Whenever I mention that I attend Oglethorpe University, people often comment on the exquisite architecture and picturesque campus. I’m always proud to say that I do indeed live, work, and study at a castle. It reminds many people of Hogwarts School from the beloved Harry Potter series, and some students have even affectionately deemed it “Oglewarts.”

We may be a private liberal arts school instead of a wizarding school, but to me, Oglethorpe possesses a magic of its own. The presence of community spirit is more prominent here than in any community I’ve ever considered myself to be a part of. For me, it’s been an interactive and nurturing environment that has helped me to grow in both my knowledge of my studies and my relational experiences with the wonderful people I’ve encountered here.

One day driving around campus, I noticed a car with an OU license plate and of course I immediately coveted it. It was the opportune time for me to get one because I had just gotten a new car and had a temporary tag. I finally got my OU tag in the mail a few weeks ago and it was exciting! My love for this school makes me bleed black and gold, so I’m ecstatic that I now represent OU even when I’m out and about. Now I get to have a piece of my beloved Oglethorpe with me everywhere I go!

I encourage all students and alums to show your Petrel pride on your ride! You can contact the OU Marketing department directly at 404-364-8468 for more information about getting an OU plate or you can order one directly at any Georgia DMV.

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