Hollywood was here! Film crews were on campus filming 96 Minutes, a movie set here in Atlanta. About 20 Oglethorpe students worked as extras in the film, and they and the crew could be seen shooting in Lupton Auditorium, in front of the library, and near the faculty parking lot.

“It was definitely interesting to see everything that goes into shooting a movie,” said Chelsea Reed ’13, who was an extra on set. “I had a glamorous perception of the movies in my head….when I think of the movies I think of lights, stars, and just a lot of action. But there’s a lot more to it. There are a lot of different jobs and they shoot the same scene over and over again. People are always shouting ‘cut!’ and ‘rolling!'”

Chelsea meets Brittany Snow!

The film stars Brittany Snow, best known for her roles in the movies Hairspray and Prom Night, and also as a as a regular in the TV show American Dreams. This was Snow’s first lead role. The movie also features Evan Ross (ATL) and Christian Serratos (Twilight).

“What surprised me most was just how casual everybody was,” said Chelsea. “Even Brittany Snow was really humble—you could tell that she was just someone who came to work that day and was doing her job. Meeting her was really cool, especially since she approached me and asked if I wanted to take a picture. It gave me insight into celebrities… they may be idolized in the media and live their lives under scrutiny, but when it comes down to it, they are people, too. They like to meet new people and experience places.”

When asked if it was fun being an extra, Chelsea replied, “It was worth it to have the experience and be able to say that I was an extra in the movie, but I wouldn’t do it everyday.”

But what if it paid?

“Oh yeah!”

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