OU alum making a difference in Chile

Oglethorpe University’s motto is Make a Life. Make a Living. Make a Difference.

While our students are here on campus and in Atlanta (and on Alternative Spring Breaks and volunteering in New Orleans), it’s our hope that they’ll turn this motto from words into action.

And when they leave campus after graduation, we hope they go out into the world as alumni and continue to Make a life. Make a living. And most of all, make a difference.

That’s just what Matt Suggett ’08 did.

Matt Suggett

Matt Suggett ’08

He was in Chile volunteering at an orphanage. He experienced the February 27 earthquake.

Instead of trying to describe what he and the people of Chile experienced and are currently going through, I’ll let you read it for yourself. And see the heartbreaking photos for yourself.

Read Matt’s account of the moment the earthquake happened.

You can also follow Matt on Twitter: @suggett.

And Facebook.

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