Published: African American Politics

32.33_Kendra King book signing

Oglethorpe University Associate Professor of Politics Dr. Kendra A. King has published African American Politics (Polity Press), a cutting-edge introduction to the political successes and persistent challenges of African-American political participation in the United States. This provocative text examines the role of Hip Hop, the Black Church, Black Radio, and the historic election of America’s first African-American president on politics and culture.

32.33_Kendra King_Bernice King

Dr. Kendra King with Rev. Bernice King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Exploring both historic and present day political phenomena, the book draws on a wide range of sources, including U.S. Census data, Gallup Polls, landmark court opinions, speeches, and first-hand interviews that provide the reader with a more comprehensive look at the American political system.

Dr. King teaches undergraduate courses on American Politics, Political Theory, African American Politics, and Urban Politics. She is the Director of the Rich Foundation Urban Leadership Program, which helps to attract, maintain, and develop leaders. She has served as a faculty advisor to several campus-wide organizations and as a member of the Faculty Council and the Academic Program Committee.

Her newest course, The Politics of Hip Hop, is geared toward working adults who wish to complete their undergraduate education on an accelerated schedule in a real campus setting.

32.33_Kendra King_Lisa Borders

Lisa Borders (right), president of Atlanta City Council, congratulates Dr. Kendra King.

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