“Football” Fever!

In the summer of 2010, all eyes were focused on the 2010 FIFA World Cup and one Petrel alum kept the world’s soccer fans updated, play-by-play, on the world’s largest sporting event. Sportscaster Brent Latham ’97 played soccer at Oglethorpe and reported on World Cup action on ESPN.com. He was also 1/7th of a team of American soccer bloggers around the world.  Brent sounds off about World Cup action at www.USA10kit.com.

Landon Donovan and the U.S. team were ousted from the tourney last week…Which team are you rooting for?

We asked Petrels around the world if they watched the World Cup that year, and here’s some of the responses we got…

@Evan Britton ’11:

“Absolutely. Argentina, Brazil and Chile were my teams but it’s down to just two of those now…Brazil and Argentina

:( ” 


@Kofi Nketiah ’10:



@Dr. Herschler:

“Of course!  My Dad grew up in Europe and he played soccer in the 1950’s…so I grew up around the sport.  It’s kind of sad that Japan and the U.S. are out of the competition, but I’m still enjoying  the game…”


@Julie Vaughan ’09:  “I think it’s going to be between Brazil and either Argentina or Germany.”



One Student’s (Front Row) Take on the World Cup

A while back, we featured a rising senior, Malika Whitley, who was spending her Summer Break the OU Way as a programming assistant for the National Black Arts Festival.  Now, she’s in  South Africa, working as an intern for the City of Cape Town’s Special Events department and blogging about her adventures.  Find out her take on the World Cup, how she’s juggling her new-found responsibilities, and living in a country where she doesn’t know the language! (Afrikaans)

When I got here the first things I heard were vuvuzelas and yelling…there were people running in the street selling and waving flags and blowing their vuvuzelas and singing… I’m officially a bandwagon World Cup fan…lol.