Lights, Camera, Action…on the Quad!

Dancers/extras perform for commercial shoot

The talent broke out some impressive dance moves right on the quad!

Summer may be in session, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lull in the exciting activities happening on campus!

Yesterday, our lush quad served as the perfect setting for the cast and crew from Spot Films to shoot the latest commercial for Jack’s Family Restaurants. As I watched the lively bunch of dancers and extras perform take after take, I found their energy rubbing off on me as I tapped my foot to the beat of their catchy jingle.

In the last year alone, Oglethorpe has been the host film set for 96 Minutes (an independent film starring Brittany Snow), an episode of the CW’s “Vampire Diaries,” and an intro for the Cartoon Network TV show “Tower Prep.” 

Apart from providing publicity and revenue for the university, these facility rentals have also proven to benefit the students. Several theatre majors have had the chance to be extras and see what working on TV and movie sets is really like. Also, communication majors interested in pursing careers in production were provided with golden opportunities to network and interact with crews, scouts, and directors.

All of this camera time has further enforced the sense of pride the Oglethorpe community has in the aesthetic value of our unique architecture and gorgeous campus. Keep it coming, Hollywood… boy, have we got an ideal set for you!

Vampire Diaries on the Scene at Oglethorpe

Set directors quiet the set--Hearst Hall--in preparation for rehearsal.

Oglethorpe’s Hearst Hall was all abuzz in the summer of 2010 with the increasingly familiar sounds of a film crew on campus.

The crew for the hit CW series Vampire Diaries was filming scenes at Oglethorpe in August.  And, although it was a closed set, Oglethorpe Blog was still able to snap a few photos of the team setting up and rehearsing for the film.

Vampire Diaries was filming its second season during its visit, following a stellar season debut, which attracted the largest audience of any series since the network began in 2006.  You can find the DVD set of the second season at major retailers everywhere.