Setting the Record Straight: Petrels of Fire Winner Mark Olas ’01

Mark Olas '01, the Petrels of Fire record holder

Last month, our campus celebrated Oglethorpe Day with the annual Petrels of Fire race around the quad in an attempt to beat the 12 chimes of the carillon bells. Another year went by without a “winner”, but unbeknownst to this reporter, there has indeed been someone who achieved this feat, and it’s time the story of this overlooked legend is told to all.

In 1998, Mark Olas ’01, who was a member of Oglethorpe’s soccer team and still holds the school’s record for the 400m, accomplished what many considered impossible: he crossed the finish line within 30.5 seconds, becoming the first and only Petrel to ever win the race.

Mark Olas '01 in his soccer jersey

“It was the only other time the race was run at 1:00 p.m. rather than at noon,” explained Cross Country Coach Bob Unger, who hosts the race each year. “The clock had not been properly reset as it was this year to ring twelve times at 1:00 p.m., (so) a former music instructor of the university (rang) the chimes manually.”

Coach Unger also had his stopwatch ready to ensure that the race lasted a full 30.92 seconds, which was the time allotted in previous years. But the manual ringing finished in less than 28 seconds, meaning that racers had nearly 3 more seconds to run after the bells had stopped ringing.

“As the crowd counted down the chimes and reached twelve—and no one had finished—a moan went up,” said Coach Unger. “I looked up to see Mark Olas leading the group to the finish. When he crossed the line, I stopped my watch at 30.5 seconds. He had beaten the bells!”

Sadly, few people realized Mark’s achievement that day, as most spectators assumed the race was already over.  But Mark’s victory is certainly worth remembering and acknowledging—the only time in Oglethorpe history that the feat has been accomplished.  It might be 15 years late, but congratulations, Mark! May your win inspire other students to attempt the impossible, to compete with their hearts, and to soar into victory.

Oglethorpe Day: A Beloved Tradition Grows

The Petrels of Fire Race ca. 2012

Oglethorpe Day is an annual celebration of Oglethorpe University’s namesake, and as Dean Michelle Hall puts it, a “pride-in-my-school-and-organizations day.”

And this year, there are numerous ways to show your school pride. Student organizations (and maybe even some staff and faculty) will be decorating shopping carts for the parade of shopping cart floats (contact Kendra Hunter for more details). And, to celebrate President Schall’s affinity for wacky socks, the Programming Board is sponsoring a sock decorating event today in The Petrel’s Nest. Then, at 12:45 p.m. tomorrow, on Wednesday, February 13, put on your craziest socks and head to the quad for the exhilarating annual Petrels of Fire race!

While the race usually begins at noon sharp, this year it will begin at 1:00 p.m., due to class scheduling… which doesn’t mean that the bell will only ring once! It will ring 12 times, and runners will race around the quad in hopes of arriving back before the last bell tolls. To my knowledge, no one has ever won this race—maybe you will be the first?

This year's Oglethorpe Day speaker: President Schall

After the race, a surprise guest (a local celebrity!) will lead attendees to Conant Performing Arts Center for the Oglethorpe Day annual address. This year’s speech will be delivered by our own President Schall on the topic of “Non nobis solum (not for ourselves alone): What is the Role of a University President in Liberal Society?”

“We have a very student-centered president,” said Dean Hall.  “Students know they are known and loved by their president…The theme (of his speech) will focus on how to make a difference, and that’s something we want all our students to think about.”

The occasion will include The Ogletones, our new a cappella group, and end with Oglethorpe’s Alma Mater and Fight Song (The Stormy Petrel March), courtesy of OU Winds and Singers. Attendees are then invited to enjoy Coke floats and peach cobbler and ice cream, all served in observance of the day’s Georgia theme.

“We’re building some more traditions into this tradition,” said Dean Hall, who went onto explain that the Presidents of other schools and organizations will be recognized during the event, and that the class with the most participants will win a prize. “Come if you want to support your class, if you are an athlete or the head of an organization… or if you just want to see what socks Dr. Schall is wearing.”

I know my curiosity has been piqued. Join us at Oglethorpe Day, this Wednesday, February 13th starting at 12:45 p.m. on the quad!

Oglethorpe’s Got Spirit! (Yes, we do!)

Last week marked the beginning of a new tradition on campus as Oglethorpe University experienced its first-ever Spirit Week, leading up to the weekend’s Homecoming basketball game and dance.

Each day of Spirit Week ushered in a different theme:

– Monday, February 6 was Geek Day and the suspenders were in full swing as students embraced their inner geek spirit.

– February 7 was Tacky Tuesday, when being tacky was the new chic as students broke out their ugliest sweaters. (Wow!)

– Wednesday was the annual Oglethorpe Day, honoring our school’s namesake. Students showed their Oglethorpe pride and came out in record numbers to watch the Petrels of Fire Race, a decades-long tradition in which runners try to circle the quad and beat the tolling of the noon bells. (Still no winner this year…)

A contest for highest class participation on Oglethorpe Day was won by the Class of 2015.  As a prize, February 15 was declared Freshmen Day and members of the class enjoyed a Freshmen Feast, provided by Campus Life.

After the race, students (and staff!) participated in a shopping carts “floats” parade, decorated by student organizations and university departments. Sigma Sigma Sigma took home the prize for the best 2012 Homecoming Float.

The ladies of Sigma Sigma Sigma - winners of the 2012 Shopping Cart Parade contest

The parade led to the Conant Performing Arts Center for a presentation on “What Happens in Cuba Doesn’t Stay in Cuba,” given by faculty and students who traveled to Cuba over winter break as part of a semester-long study of the historic, economic, political and cultural facets of the country.

– Thursday was deemed Black & Gold Day and students proudly wore the OU colors and participated in that evenings Homecoming bonfire.

 – Friday was Spirit Shirt Day and the day of the Homecoming games. The battle with Sewanee was set and Oglethorpe students were riled up from a week of spirit-building. The game ended with a 69-49 win over Sewanee.

Kappa Sigma Fraternity - Winners of the 2012 Homecoming Spirit Award.

Students seemed more passionate than ever at this year’s Homecoming game and that was not overlooked. Student Government Association awarded the first-ever Oglethorpe University Homecoming Spirit Award trophy. This year’s winner was Kappa Sigma, a new fraternity on campus.

The grand finale of the Spirit Week fun was “A Starry Night in Paris,” Saturday’s Homecoming dance at the Westin Hotel Atlanta.