OU Celebrates Earth Day 2011

Cinsley Gentillon '11 laughs it up with Petey.

If you’ve Googled anything today, you probably already know that today is Earth Day all over the world.  For more than 40 years, Earth Day has served to promote environmental awareness, education, and moved people  worldwide into action. 

At Oglethorpe, dozens of Petrels celebrated Earth Day with a poster session at Goslin Hall, where they checked out what future geologists, scientists, and doctors have been up to this semester.  Petey the green petrel stopped by as well to learn about everything from cellular movement to measuring the heat of chemical reactions. Petey donned his OU Sustainability Initiative t-shirt to promote ecological responsibility. Find out more about the initiative here.

Seth Aufderheide (center) explains to OU Provost Dr. William Shropshire about using a caliometer to measure the heat of fusion of water.

Zach Vealey '12 (right) explains the details of his experiment, completed with Aufderheide.

Registration Moves Online for Fall 2011

Petey likes the idea of registering online for classes, and is counting down the days before its arrival.

Gone are the days of long lines during registration week — because, in less than four weeks, Oglethorpe students will begin registering for classes using OU’s new online registration system.

Starting April 4, traditional day students and those in the Master’s program will begin online registration for Fall 2011 using the OASIS database.

Gail Meis, Oglethorpe’s Registrar, says that OU is moving toward a paper-free system that will make registering for the fall much easier for students and give them more control in the process.  To assist in the move toward electronic registration, the Registrar’s office will guide students with e-mail updates and an OASIS how-to video.

“We implemented online registration in response to our students’ requests,” said Meis.  “After completing a successful pilot with 150 students last semester, online registration for Fall 2011 classes will be available to all students.  Two of the biggest benefits to students are no more long lines at the Registrar’s office, and the convenience of electronic drop/add over the summer.”

CNN VIPs, Spirited Runners Highlight Oglethorpe Day

The Starting Five: Petrels of Fire runners have 30.92 seconds to finish the race around the quad, before the noon carillon bell stops tolling. No runner has ever officially finished within the allotted time frame.

Tom Johnson and Natalie Allen with Dr. Schall

On February 9, 2011 Petrels all over the country celebrated Oglethorpe Day, an annual celebration of James Edward Oglethorpe, the university’s namesake and founder of the Georgia colony.

On campus, students and staff welomed former CNN President Tom Johnson and current CNN International Anchor Natalie Allen for a lively discussion about their experiences in global media. 

The  festivities began with the Petrels of Fire race, a 270-yard dash around the quad in an effort to beat the 12 noon carillon bell toll.  This year’s race drew five brave sprinters who battled the cold and each other in the fierce race to the finish.  In keeping with tradition, runners had 30.92 seconds to complete the challenge, and this year freshman Billy Colbert reportedly came within three seconds of the bells.

Following the race, a bagpiper summoned the crowd of spectators to the Conant Performing Arts Center to attend the OU Day dialogue.  Both Johnson and Allen engaged in an hour-long discussion, moderated by Devon Belcher, assistant professor of philosophy, about their careers in media. They entertained questions from students and touched on current issues such as censorship, Wiki-leaks, and the future of journalism. 

Afterward, OU President Larry Schall and Dean of Students Michelle Hall presented the speakers with plaques commemorating two four-year scholarships that have been established in their names.  Two deserving students in next year’s freshman class will be the recipients of the scholarships. 

Happy Oglethorpe Day!

CNN International anchor Natalie Allen poses with student leaders Matthew Claiborne '11 (right), who introduced the two speakers onstage, and Nathaniel Goldman '11 (left).

What's OU Day without Petey?