Omicron Delta Kappa Taps 2012 Inductees, Launches Fundraising Campaign

As the holiday season approaches, your thoughts may turn to buying gifts, decorating your homes, or celebrating break with family and friends.   But for me, one thing comes to mind before any thoughts of winter vacation: there is a pig raring to be kissed, and some of you may see me kiss him.

Boar’s Head is an annual OU event centered around the annual induction ceremony of Omicron Delta Kappa, an esteemed leadership society that serves to recognize students, faculty, staff, and alumni for their service in at least one of five key areas.  On November 30th, 17 new members will be inducted into OΔK, including Oglethorpe Trustee Arnold Sidman.

Trustee Arnie Sidman

“Arnie Sidman deserves this honor and we are very happy to recognize him,” says Jef Palframan ’13, current President of Oglethorpe’s OΔK Circle. “(We) are trying to move beyond just students to more faculty, alumni, staff, and trustee members… This shows that leadership doesn’t just start in your junior or senior year. It’s for a lifetime.”

Also being inducted are Dr. Mario Chandler and Dr. Nicholas Maher, alumni Eli Arnold ’06 and staff member Katie Paden.  There are also 12 student inductees: Brittney Blalock ’14, Tirzah Brown ’14, Kirsten Glaeser ’14, Krista Gray ’14, Justin Munson ’14, Corey Ray ’14, Kate Siess ’14, Kendall Burke ’13, Jeet Budha Magar ’13, Marisa Manuel ’13, Caitlyn Mitchell ’13, and Lindsey Mitchell ’13.

In addition, through the end of November, you can assist the OΔK Circle by donating to their fundraising campaign.  The campaign’s purpose is to help Oglethorpe’s OΔK Circle become self sufficient for at least the next five years.  More than half of the $5000 goal has already been achieved, and OΔK hopes to double this goal. OΔK aspires to become self-sufficient and not require SGA funding, because membership is exclusive and extended beyond the student body.


If you would like to come to the Boar’s Head Concert & Celebration on November 30th, don’t forget to reserve your ticket by calling 404-504-1074 or visiting the Conant Performing Arts Center box office.

Boar’s Head: An Oglethorpe Tradition

In December, a roasted boar’s head will make its way through the Conant Performing Arts Center, carried on the shoulders of newly initiated members of Omicron Delta Kappa, an academic honor society.  For almost a century, the Boar’s Head Ceremony has been a staple in Oglethorpe heritage and launches the OU holiday season. Oglethorpe  invites everyone to take part in this lasting tradition.

                                             The History

The inspiration for the Boar’s Head Ceremony is taken from none other than the Oglethorpe family coat of arms, which features boar’s head profiles, symbolizing the strength, courage and vigor of the Oglethorpe family.  The annual Boar’s Head celebration is modeled after an English collegiate ceremony, said to have begun at Queens College in Oxford during the 14th century.

Legend has it that, while wandering the forest of Shotover on Christmas Eve, a student named Copcot took a break from his travel to read Aristotle.  Suddenly, young Copcot was attacked by a wild boar.  The story says that Copcot stood his ground, saying in Greek, “Wisdom conquers even the treacherous beast.” He then rammed the book down the throat of the boar, causing it to choke to death.  Upon returning to campus, Copcot presented the carcass to the college cook, who roasted it—the book and all—for Christmas dinner. It is said that those who ate the flesh of this boar grew wiser with each bite.

A member of ODK

Dr. Irwin Ray, conductor of the Oglethorpe Singers and University Chorale

Today, ODK inductees kiss the boar instead of eating it, with hopes of carrying their newly-acquired knowledge with them to the new year.

What Else to Expect

In addition to the ODK initiation, the Boar’s Head Ceremony includes a live holiday concert from the Oglethorpe Singers and University Chorale.

After the concert, attendees will move outside to enjoy the lighting of the Christmas tree.  And no holiday party is complete without a feast. In 2010, the international-themed holiday party that followed the tree lighting featured food and beverages from different regions around the world.