Battle of Bloody Marsh


Oglethorpe Scares Up Halloween Fun

The Oglethorpe campus “came alive” on Friday with Halloween celebrations throughout the day. The annual tug-of-war contest was waged on the quad in commemoration of the Battle of Bloody Marsh, once again pitting students against the faculty and staff in a battle of will. This year the students triumphed and won the privilege—and thrill—of pie-ing participating faculty and staff in the face!  Check out […]

OU Men’s Basketball Trains To Be a Team

The Oglethorpe Men’s Basketball team recently traveled to St. Simon’s Island for training camp prior to the start of the 2011-2012 season. As senior Andrew Steioff reports, the accommodations weren’t glamorous (an old church camp ground), but the group had the chance to become a team during practice and through volunteering. Training Camp for 2011-2012 was riddled with surprises from […]