Oglethorpe Receives Grants from Governor’s Office of Highway Safety & NCAA To Promote Alcohol Education

In 2010, for the third year in a row, Oglethorpe University recieved a $5,000 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).  In September 2010, Oglethorpe was also awarded a $30,000 NCAA CHOICES grant to be used over the next three years. Both grants fund on-campus training and peer education in an effort to battle the damaging realities of alcohol abuse in college-aged adults.

These grants supported several surveys that help school counselors and student groups gather data about alcohol use to be used to help students confront misconceptions and misinformation about alcohol use.  The NCAA funding also will help support a student-athlete alcohol task force and a social marketing campaign.

SMASH, Oglethorpe's peer education group, created this mock graveyard on Halloween weekend to remind students of the consequences of alcohol abuse.

According to the GOHS, although young people (ages 16-20) account for only 7% of Georgia’s population, they were responsible for 13% of the total crash fatalities for 2005.  Though shocking, it comes as no surprise that the number one cause of death for young adults aged 18-24 is due to traffic fatalities.

In an effort to curb irresponsible drinking and to educate its students about positive decision making, Oglethorpe continues to be a strong participant in programs like the Georgia Young Adult Program, a statewide initiative funded by the GOHS to combat high-risk behaviors, especially as it relates to highway safety.     Continue reading