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What You’ll Actually Pay At 1,550 Colleges | NPR

From NPR: With college, there’s the sticker price and the actual price you pay. This is the real cost for each school. There are two prices for every college degree: the sticker price and the net price. The sticker price is the number that most schools list in their brochures. The net price is that […]

These Are the Best Cities for Millennials | MONEY magazine

From MONEY Magazine: These 5 cities boast high projected job growth and easy living …. 2. Atlanta, Ga. The ATL has fun activities for people of all ages, including a popular zoo, an aquarium, and a collection of several impressive art and history museums. But there’s also a great bar and nightlife scene that millennials—who […]

Where should you go to get your science degree? | USA Today

From USA Today: One of the primary benefits of attending a liberal arts college is the diverse education it provides to students. Liberal arts colleges typically emphasize communication, problem-solving, and reasoning skills, and these abilities are highly valued in the scientific community. Scientists who are skilled articulators and creative thinkers are often successful in their fields. […]

Life’s Work: An Interview with Ken Burns

From Harvard Business Review The noted documentarian on waning attention spans and why business leaders should study history. …a top executive at a large telecommunications company lamented to me that business schools were producing MBA graduates who had no knowledge of the humanities. He worried that they were a bunch of automatons. He said, “I […]

College costs: The rest of the story | Atlanta Business Chronicle

From the Atlanta Business Chronicle: … As the president of a small, private university, I pay close attention to media reports of the rising cost of college and recognize there is so much of the story that remains untold, particularly for institutions like mine. The College Board recently published a new report, “Trends in College Pricing.” […]

Conservation & Sustainability play central role in Gables project

Following an extensive restoration of our creek and wildlife sanctuary as part of the construction of the new Turner Lynch Campus Center, environmental sustainability is once again at the center of our growth strategy. In September 2014, Oglethorpe announced a partnership and long-term land lease agreement with real-estate development company Gables Residential to construct, operate and maintain Gables Brookhaven, […]

Civic Literacy & Civic Engagement | Library of Law & Liberty Originally delivered as a speech by Dr. Joe Knippenberg, professor of politics, at Oglethorpe University in observance of Constitution Day 2014. Though Constitution Day has come and gone (it was September 17), it may still be appropriate to honor the enactment of our Founding charter by looking into the question of “civic literacy” and […]