Call for Proposals: Annual Liberal Arts and Sciences Symposium

Annual Liberal Arts and Sciences Symposium
Oglethorpe University
April 26, 2017


The 2017 LASS Committee invites proposals for participation in Oglethorpe University’s annual undergraduate research symposium. This year’s symposium will combine LASS + PRISM to showcase all of our undergraduate research across the curriculum. At this annual event, students present the fruits of both Oglethorpe’s liberal arts curriculum as well as student-driven initiatives.

Proposals may be related to any of the following, although this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Individual papers: Students will be placed on panels based on the subjects of their papers, and each will present for 15-20 minutes, with Q&A to follow.
  • Panels: If 3-4 students wish to present together, they may propose a common topic along with their individual paper proposals.
  • Poster presentations: There will be a session of 60-90 minutes where students doing independent research and course-based research will show and discuss their posters with attendees.
  • Art exhibitions
  • Creative performances
  • Senior honors theses
  • Independent study projects
  • Service learning projects
  • Experiential learning

Participation: Students are welcome to submit multiple proposals, but may only appear on the program once in any category (i.e. one panel, one poster presentation). Participation in an exhibition or performance does not constrain other forms of participation.

We ask that abstracts not exceed 250 words, and that proposals anticipate an approximately 15-20-minute paper or a 5-10 minute poster presentation. For formal talks, the general rule of two minutes per double-spaced page applies, so plan on a paper of approximately 7-10 pages (max. 2,500 words) in length, not including time allotted for any visual aids or media. Posters should be formatted to be 2 feet wide by 3 feet high; words on the poster should be legible from a distance of 6 feet. Posters should be of sufficient breadth and depth to enable discussion at multiple audience levels; they should provide a rationale for the study as well as a logical presentation of study methods, results and conclusions.

Please submit abstracts by email as a PDF file prepared for blind review. Include your full contact information in the email only.

All submissions should be sent to the LASS Committee, by email to The deadline for proposal submissions is March 3, 2017. A committee composed of faculty mentors of undergraduate research will review submitted applications. (Instructors of students presenting course-based research at PRISM should contact the committee directly for specific instructions and deadlines for proposal review and abstract submission.) Selection of papers for presentation will be completed and authors notified by March 17, 2017.