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Campus Life

OU Students Stomp Their Lawn

Students gathered on the sunny quad on Friday to celebrate the arrival of spring with the annual festival, Stomp the Lawn.  Students took a break from studying to kick it carnival-style with moon walks and crafts galore. Anyone craving a sweet treat had their pick between funnel cakes, snow-cones, crepes, and cotton candy. Action lovers got their adrenaline pumping with water gun laser tag wars, an inflatable obstacle course, and racing up (then tumbling down) the 22-foot “slippery slope.” My classmates suited up in air-filled transformer-like costumes and bravely battled one another in the “airbots” wrestling ring. Contestant after contestant tested their balance on a jerking robo-surfboard, a ride-the-wave spin on the classic mechanical bull.

The day had an eclectic soundtrack thanks to live performances from four different bands. Almost Legendary started off the line-up with covers of old favorites, followed by power-pop beats for guilty pleasure from the Secret Handshake (who was convinced he was at Hogwarts). Isness’ performance was a good fit for this university in Atlanta—the ‘dubstep’ capital of the world. The music continued all day, ending on an upbeat note with crowd-pumping rap group Right Side of the Tree.

For weeks to come, my henna tattoo—one of the many crafts onsite—will serve as a nostalgic reminder of a day of carefree fun with my fellow classmates. Whether you got spin-painted stunner shades, a wax hand,  a souvenir holographic photograph, or simply picked up one of the retro t-shirts as a memento of the day, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Special thanks to the OSA Programming Board for a truly successful Stomp the Lawn 2011!

Photos: Chelsea Reed ’13