Oglethorpe Career Services: ‘Here to Help’

But what about those who are about to graduate and still don't know what they want to pursue? "It's never too late to start planning your career," offers Weimar. "Students come in and the first thing we want to know is, 'What is your dream job? From that point, the question is, 'What can we do now to get you there?'"

In 2010, Oglethorpe’s Career Services department started offering several new services to students and alumni alike.  In addition to non-profit career fairs, networking events, and working resume lunches, Caroline Weimar (cholland@oglethorpe.edu), Oglethorpe’s career services counselor, was especially excited to introduce OU students to the many internship opportunities Atlanta has to offer.

“It’s so important for students to get experience in their major outside campus and out of their comfort zone,” says Weimar, who, before coming to OU, who worked as an intern in New York and Washington, D.C.  “I feel like I learned most of what I know from my internships, and that’s what I want for our students here.  They are a great way for you to learn to work with other people, how to work your way from the bottom, build references down the road, and see what your field is all about.”

Since coming to Oglethorpe, Weimar has compiled a revised database of internships that OU students have worked in the past, in the hopes that other students can fill the position in the future.  An “internship book” is available at the Career Services Center, or through CareerConnect, Oglethorpe’s searchable online internship database, which includes all the known internships that Petrels have completed since 2004. 

Aside from internships, good resume-writing skills are another focus of Career Services.  After having met with representatives from non-profits in the area, Weimar has found that students often lack a strong and meaningful resume.  To help as many students as possible with their resumes, the Career Services department now offers drop-in hours for assistance.

“It’s always good to have a second opinion on something like a resume, even for those who feel like they’ve already figured it out,” says Weimar.  “Now we have student workers here who can help students in addition to other services we provide.  We can go over cover letters, resumes—even applications. Career Services is here to help.”

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