NBA Star Visits OU For Youth Basketball Camp


Al Horford is interviewed at Schmidt Center.
Atlanta Hawks’ Al Horford spent the day at Oglethorpe’s Dorough Fieldhouse with 70 young athletes as he hosted the 2010 Al Horford Basketball Camp.
Horford surrounded by media at his basketball summer camp.

Surprisingly, the Hawks center did more than just make an appearance. He worked on fundamentals with groups of children attending his camp, spoke with parents, and chatted it up with former and current NBA stars, including Hawks point guard Mike Bibby.

In between photo ops and interviews with local TV stations, Horford told us why YOU should subscribe to the Oglethorpe blog. Well, sort of. 
[View video:] Al Horford says…

“I scored HUUUGE Petrel Points for subscribing to” –Al Horford


Mike Bibby and Al Horford chat on the sidelines at Dorough Fieldhouse.

3 thoughts on “NBA Star Visits OU For Youth Basketball Camp

  1. Oglethorpe Blog…leave Al what it took him a few takes to spit it out correctly..He will get my endorsement anyday..His Camp was awesome. My son loved after whining about not wanting to go..and he ended up winning a 3 pt contest and received an autograph ball from Al.

  2. Al was a great sport…I loved his sense of humor and energy. And I’m so glad your son enjoyed himself at the camp—have a great rest of the summer!

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